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I enjoy teaching and mentoring. I believe that for scientists, disseminating knowledge is a duty of the same importance as discovering knowledge.

Teaching experiences

Per degree requirement, I have been the teaching assistances for two courses in the past: Introductory Seismology in fall 2015-16 and Reflection Seismology in fall 2017-18. In addition to the requirement, I have volunteered to be the teaching assistance of Journey to the Center of the Earth in winter 2018-19which employs a novel teaching strategy: Instead of taking midterms and finals, every student is asked to create a Wikipedia article on their chosen topics related to the class material. We hope that this assignment will help students explore their own interest within the scope of the class while learning the essentials of writing scientifically credible material. The class is ongoing and I am happy to share our experiences after the it is finished!

Mentoring experiences

During the 2017 IRIS summer internship program, I have mentored Gabriel Ferragut from North Dakota State University, who is now a PhD student at University of Oregon. He has made a brilliant AGU poster titled Significant variation of post-critical SsPmp amplitude: Observations from the Yellowknife array PDF. We are currently working on expanding our previous work into a formal publication!

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